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I cant just say enough about their prickly pear seed oil as a nightly serum and moisturizer especially in our winters. Yes, their products are for men too just in case you were wondering why a guy is rating the products. To sum it up AMAZING!!!
Keep up with your excellent quality of products.

Mark, Toronto

I have been using MOOI prickly pear seed oil for my face for the last 3 years to replace my night creams, and I have noticed the difference since the first 2-3 weeks, my skin feels deeply nourished and firmer, my skin pores are thither and the small wrinkles around my eyes and mouth almost disappeared.
This product is by far the best and the richest oil I have ever tried on my face. I just love it and I will never change it.

I have tried also their Moroccan argan oil on my dry frizzy hair, it's absorbed easily by the hair and doesn't feel greasy, my hair really feels much softer and shiny. Love it !

Lily, Paris.

I really like the MOOI rosewater. Leaves the skin feeling fresh and hydrated. It helps with dark circle under the eyes.


I discovered the MOOI brand booth during an event in TO last year where i bought the Alumstone out of curiosity. I m still using it every morning after the shower it's amazing how it works, no more odors for the day and no more deodorant.

Marlon, Brampton

I love MOOI argan oil because it's the perfect multi-usage product, i use it as body oil after the shower, i use it for massage, i use it in my shampoo and also for my hair after washing it. It isn't sticky and keeps the skin satiny soft and very sensual.

Jackie, FL