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The prickly pear seed oil, also called cactus seed oil is considered as one of the rarest, luxurious and most powerful clean skin care ingredient due to its natural composition brimming with essential fatty acids. 

MOOI prickly pear seed oil is Authentic, pure and organic, this natural beauty ingredient is extremely rich in vitamin E and brimming with natural antioxidants.

The production of prickly pear seed oil is a labor intensive and extremely lengthy process manually handled by women from the rural area of Guelmim region in the south of Morocco.

Our objective at Mooï is supporting and helping these women improving their families living conditions as well as giving them a keen sens of empowerment in a traditionally male-dominated society.

The prickly pear seeds are manually separated from the pulp of the fruit and are dried before being cold pressed in our lab in line with the international standards. Each seed contains only 5% of oil, so it takes about ½ ton of fruits to make a little over a liter of pure organic prickly pear seed oil.

Mooï organic prickly pear seed oil is pure and extracted by first cold pressure, which makes it highly concentrated in Tocopherols and other essential fatty acids, which explains its amazing benefits on your skin.

Cosmetics benefits

  • This natural antioxidant rich in essential fatty acids and Tocopherols may help boosting and restoring your skin elasticity and fighting dermal aging and skin release.
  • Deeply moisturizes, nourishes and restores dry and mature skin.
  • May help reducing regular skin dehydration.
  • May help reducing fine lines around the eyes.
  • May help reducing dark spots and under-eye shadow.

Fatty acids content

  • Oleic acid 18 – 22%
  • Linoleic acid 60 – 64%
  • Stearic acid 3 – 4%
  • Palmitic acid 11 – 13%
  • Linolenic acid <0,5%
  • Tocopherols e 1000 mg/Kg

IngredientOpuntia ficus-indica seed oil.

Volumes : 1 fl oz - 30ml and 0.5 fl oz 15ml approx.

    Directions for use

    • Apply few drops as night oil serum on your cleaned and dried Face, Eyes area and Neck, 2 to 3 times a week at night only. Cleanse your face in the morning - Avoid sun exposure
    • Recommended for mature and dry skin - Not recommended for oily skin




    • Not recommended for oily skin, nor for skin with acne, nor for  skin prone to acne
    • Avoid sun exposure – Do not use in daylight !
    • Always keep your prickly pear seed oil bottle in a cool place away from light and heat.
    • It's not recommended to mix our prickly pear seed oil with any other industrial product or cream, use it pure to highly benefit from its vitamins. 
    • If you have any sensitivities or allergies to any listed ingredient on the labels you should not use this product.
    • You should test the product first, on a small area before using it for the first time.
    • This product is Natural, please note that natural products will change in appearance, colour, scent and texture over time or with prolonged exposure to air and other contaminants.
    • Note : Customers are responsible for any custom duties or local taxes that may apply in their respective countries.